AKC Fast Cat Trials

Held at The Gated Dock
7251 SR 98
Shelby, Ohio 44875

September 30, 2023—Event #2023037605
September 30, 2023—Event #2023037607
October 1, 2023—Event #2023037606
October 1, 2023—Event #2023037608

Pre-Entry Fee is $20.00 Day of Show Fee is $25.00

Click here for downloadable entry form
Make checks Payable to: RCKC
Paper entries can be mailed to:

Mandy Beck
1131 County Road 1600
Ashland, Ohio 44805

The event secretary cannot accept conditional, unsigned, incomplete, or unpaid entries.

Please check your entries carefully.
Entries will be acknowledged by email, provided a legible email address is included
on the entry form. Early entries close on September 27, 2023 at 8:00pm. Day of Test entries will be accepted for all tests.

OfficersBoard of Directors
President – Pamela SmithAnita Baker
Vice President – VACANTTammy Gradijan
Corresponding Secretary – Amanda BeckJan Knode
Recording Secretary – Sarah SenokozlieffSharon Porter
Treasurer – Cindy Peters

Test Committee: Pamela Smith, Amanda Beck, Cindy Peters, Sharon Porter, Amy
Evans, Anita Baker, any member in good standing.
Event Chairman: Pamela Smith, 855 Randalwood Drive, Ontario, Ohio 44906;
419-295-1893; Email: [email protected]
Event Secretary: Amanda Beck, 1131 County Road 1600, Ashland, Ohio 44805;
419-651-7168; Email: [email protected]
Lure Operators: Marie Buckingham & The Gated Dock personnel

Roll Call & Inspection:
Starting at 8:30am
Test Hours:
9:00am-3:00pm or until completed
A light blue flat ribbon will be awarded for any qualifying run toward a Fast CAT title.
A title rosette will be awarded for any new title.

What is Fast CAT?
Fast CAT is open to all dogs at least 12 months of age that are individually registered
with the AKC, recorded in the Foundation Stock Service (FSS) program, dogs granted a
Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) number, dogs with AKC Limited or Conditional
Registration, or dogs enrolled in the AKC Canine Partners program. If you do not have
a Canine Partner number, an application can be completed at the event. Dogs with breed
disqualifications and monorchid/cryptorchid dogs are eligible to participate. Females in
sean may not enter. A dog may enter only once per event. An event is defined by an
event number.
Coursing is an athletic activity that can tax a dog’s physical strength. Dogs that are
overweight and/or out of condition may be at greater risk for injury and exhaustion. The
Inspection Committee has the authority to disallow a dog’s entry into a test, and in such
instances, a dog chases a lure. Dogs run singularly and earn points based on their
handicapped speed. There are no placements. Titles are issued at designated
benchmarks. The dog’s time to complete the 100-yard dash is converted into MPH. A
handicap system is applied to a dog’s MPH to determine the number of points earned.
The handicap system is applied to a dog’s MPH to determine the number of points

Greater than 18”=Handicap is 1.0; 12” to under 18”=Handicap is 1.5;
Below 12”=handicap is 2.0.
Dog’s Time divided by 204.545=MPH; MPH x Handicap=Points
Titles are earned by accumulating points. The following titles will be awarded:
BCAT=150 points
DCAT=500 points
FCAT=1000 points
FCAT2, etc=every additional 500 points
Each dog that passes the test will receive a ribbon that is light blue in color.
Top 20 by Breed by Year: The AKC Fast CAT website will feature the Top 20 Fastest
Dogs by Breed by Year national standings. The standings will be updated as event
results are processed. To learn more about AKC Fast CAT, please visit AKC Fast CAT

Webpage: http://images.akc.org/pdf/FastCATTRegs04.2016.pdf

Each dog runs by itself and only one time in each testing event. They chase lures made
of plastic strips in a straight race of 100 yards. Dogs may start a MAXIMUM of 10 feet
behind the start line.

**Each dog requires an individual entry form for the event in which it is entered.
Entries will not be accepted without fees, signatures, or the “Agreement” found on the
Official AKC Entry Form.

**Each dog entry will be inspected for lameness, fitness to compete and females in
season. If in the opinion of the inspection committee, any entry found to be lame, unfit
to safely compete or a female in season, that dog shall not be allowed to enter and entry
fees shall be refunded.

**Mixed breeds must be spayed or neutered to be eligible to run. If you do not have a
Canine Partner number, an application can be completed at the event. AKC registered
dogs with breed disqualifications may be entered.

**For member of the Test Committee only, dogs may be accepted for roll call prior to
the published time. Early acceptance of dogs for members of the Test Committee may
begin one half hour prior to published test hours.

**A Break Beam electric timing system will be used at the start and the finish. The lure
will consist of plastic bags. A gas or battery powered lure machine running continuous
loop will be used, which means a continuous line passes through the course and the
catch pen and then loops back to the start line on the outside of the fenced area.
Everyone should stay back at least 20′ from the course and the lure line to avoid
interfering with the lure line and from distracting the participants. Only the Lure
Operator, Huntmaster, and Handlers of the hounds running in the course in progress will
be permitted near the lure machine.

**The Huntmaster is responsible for field safety and therefore he is in complete charge
of all dogs and handlers on the field. In service to this responsibility, he has the
authority to stop the lure in any potentially dangerous situation and signal the handler to
retrieve the testing dog. The handler should retrieve their dog promptly at the end of the
course. Listen to the Huntmaster and follow their instructions promptly and swiftly.

**A dog that relieves itself on the course will fail the test.

**Children must be under control of their parent(s) or guardian(s) at all times.

**Persons exhibiting conduct detrimental to the AKC/any dog(s)/other person(s) will be
asked to leave the test site and may be disciplined by the AKC. All AKC rules regarding
sportsmanship and conduct apply.

**A person found to not pick up after their dog will be assessed a $5.00 fine.

**A $5.00 fine may be assessed on the owner or handler of any dog loose on the field
but not competing in the course progress. Dogs that delay the event because they cannot
be recalled may be refused entry at future events.

**A minimum $30.00 fee for returned checks.

**Exhibitors should follow their veterinarian’s recommendation to assure their dogs are
free of parasites, any communicable diseases and have the appropriate vaccines.

**No entry fees will be refunded if the event cannot be started or completed by reason
of riots, civil disturbances, fire, extreme and/or dangerous weather conditions, an act of
God, public emergency, act of a public enemy, strikes or any other cause beyond the
control of the Club or its members and representatives.

**The event-hosting club, its agents, members, representatives, and volunteers assume
no liability or responsibility for any loss, damage or injury sustained by exhibitors,
handlers, or to any of their dogs or property and further assumes no responsibility for
injury to children or spectators before, during, or after this event.

**The members of the Richland County Kennel Club, reserve the right to alter the
course plan as required by weather and/or field conditions on the day of the test.

**The entire grounds are not fenced. The entire Fast CAT course is fenced. For the
safety of the dog and as a courtesy to other exhibitors, it is strongly recommended that
prior to running your dog, you have a good “recall” control over your dog, as the dogs
will be off leash.

**Dogs will be brought to the start line on leash and released only upon a verbal signal
“Tally-Ho” from the Huntmaster. Dogs may be released by hand, folded leash or using a
traditional lure coursing slip lead.

**Absolutely No toys or treats may be used to encourage your dog before it crosses the
finish line but can be used after the dog has crossed the finish line to assist in catching
the dog. No whistles or other noise devices, such as duck calls, may be used. Cheering,
clapping, calling your dog’s name, whistling and/or waving your arms from the end of
the course or the start is allowed.

**Should a situation arise where the application of this Regulation is open for
interpretation, the event committee shall decide how it will be handled and an
explanation shall be submitted to AKC along with the event results.

**Handler’s are NOT allowed to run down the 100-yard course with the dog during
its official run. This includes BOTH inside and outside the fence. Handlers must
simply release the dog.

**As per the regulations, a 30 to 50 yard catch pen will be located at the end of the 100-
yard run and will be fully fenced.

**Handlers should wear comfortable shoes and be physically able to hold and release
their dogs. Handler MUST have someone familiar with the dog at the end of the course
to retrieve the dog or have someone else release his or her dog at the start line. The
handler is expected to promptly secure the dog and leave the field with the dog on leash.
Two leashes are needed.

**Lure coursing is a physically demanding sport so please make sure your dog is in
good shape. If you are not sure, make an appointment with a veterinarian for an

**Handlers are advised to warm up their dogs prior to their run and walk them for about
10 minutes afterwards. Handlers should bring water and shade for their dogs. This is a
rain or shine outdoor event, please plan accordingly. Dogs must be on lead or crated
unless running. You are responsible for controlling you dog(s).

Margo Smith of Margo’s Pet Photography is the official event photographer.

By entering the event premises, you consent to photography and video recording and
its/their release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction to be used for news, webcast,
promotional purposed, advertising and inclusion on websites. You waive all rights you
may have to any claims for payment or royalties in connection with any exhibition of
photographs or video recording. You also waive the right to inspect or approve any
photo or video taken by RCKC or the person or entity designated to do so by the RCKC.

**Complete an official AKC Lure Coursing entry form for each dog, and mail your
entries and your fees into the Event Secretary, or bring to field at the Event Secretary
desk on the field for day of show entries. NOTE: Day of Show entries are $25.00/run.

**Entry forms are located at the end of this premium list. There will be a link to download the form. Each dog may only enter once per test. Entering early is advised, as each day is limited to 150 entries. Make checks payable to “RCKC”.

**Any dog can be registered with the AKC. If your dog needs to be registered, you can
do so online at http://www.akc.org/canine partners or by completing the Canine Partner
Enrollment Application that is located with the enrollment fees, at the time of entry to
the Event Secretary. Note that Canine Partners and PAL dogs must be spayed or

**Pre-entering will guarantee that your dog is entered. If your dog becomes lame, sick,
or in season prior to the test, do not bring them to the test. Instead, contact the Event
Secretary to cancel your entry, and your entry fee will be destroyed or otherwise

**Entries will not be accepted without fees, signatures, or the “Agreement” found on the
Official AKC Entry form.

**All dogs must be presented for inspection without tape, bandages, wrapping, or
coverings of any kind (e.g. coats and blankets), and may be measured with a wicket to
determine height at the withers.
**Owners may use clips or rubber bands to hold the dog’s hair. The owner assumes
responsibility for the safety of the dog with regard to the dog’s collar and paraphernalia
on the dog.
**At least two persons from the Test Committee will inspect each entered dog for
lameness, fitness to compete, and female estrus (in season). In their opinion, any
entered dog that is found to be lame, unfit to compete, or in season will not be allowed
to run. The entry fee will be refunded for any dog that is not allowed to run by the
**Coursing is an athletic activity that can tax a dog’s physical strength. Dogs that are
old, have breathing or heart problems, are overweight, or are out of condition may be at
a greater risk for injury and exhaustion.

**Roll Call and inspection will run continuously for the period of time listed.

**Bring your dog at any time during that period. Any dog that fails to present for
inspection prior to the close of roll call and inspection will be marked absent. No refund
will be given for an absent dog.

**It is the intention of the test committee to begin running courses as soon as roll call
and inspection begin.

**When you are ready to run your dog, bring them to the paddock, the assembly area for
dogs that have passed inspection and are prepared to run.

**Dogs may run wearing a close fitting buckle collar. Choke collars and collars with
dangling decoration will not be allowed. Hanging collar tags may be permitted if they
are secured tight to the collar, such as by tape. Slip leads can be used if the owner
desires. No harnesses, clothes, or other types of collars are allowed.

**After passing inspection, you go to the Paddock Master to wait for your turn to run
the course.

Click here for downloadable entry form